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A Wearable Device for Knee Rehabilitation

Lack of compliance with post-operative physical therapy and osteoarthritis knee treatments, fuels poor patient outcomes and increased costs for providers. Without proper healing, patients experience muscle atrophy, weakness, decreased mobility and reliance on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Learn more about the benefits of KneeStim


The greatest obstacle to effective knee rehabilitation is failed participation in prescribed physical therapy treatment.


Attendance of physical therapy sessions is the biggest obstacle to proper knee rehabilitation. KneeStim is a movement-synchronous muscle stimulation device designed to remove this boundary by integrating remote treatment into daily activity. This comfortable, wearable device turns regular, daily movement into muscle-building exercise.

KneeStim’s Agile, Synchronous Technology

KneeStim uses motion-tracking technology and advanced analytics to administer neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) personalized to the individual’s gait. The device’s unique combination of machine learning, motion tracking software and joint modeling operating system enables tailored stimulation that reacts to the state of an individual’s gait and joint in real-time.

Personalizing treatment in this way allows muscle stimulation to occur in concert with regular physical activity, rehabilitating beyond what passive NMES use or physical activity could do alone. KneeStim’s advanced joint kinematics monitoring evaluates stride, Q-angle and walking speed, giving patients and providers a more advanced picture of progress and limitations while providing the convenience of remote treatment.


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