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Why KneeStim?

KneeStim is a light, form-fitting device that patients can use for muscle strengthening and re-education at home while they go about their normal day-to-day activities.


The Problem

70% of patients fail to make it to all prescribed physical therapy sessions or remain compliant with their home-based regimen. COVID-19 has increased no-shows and cancellations by 20%.

Other devices that use NMES do not adapt to a patient’s movement and provide more targeted stimulation based on a patient’s daily activities.

When patients are doing mainly at-home regimens to regain strength and movement, it is difficult for surgeons and physical therapist to monitor improvement and submit therapies for reimbursement.

Our Solution

Unlike other wearable neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) devices, which can only be used when a patient is stationary, KneeStim can provided therapy as patients go about their normal activities. This improves compliance.

Through Artificial Intelligence, NMES can be used to optimized rehabilitation for each individual by adjusting stimulation to their unique anatomy and lifestyle.

KneeStim collects ongoing data on patient progress that their healthcare providers can use to improve patient outcomes and submit for reimbursement in a $9B knee treatment market.




  • Receive faster, more convenient rehabilitation options


  • Improve patient outcomes after surgery
  • Receive data about patient progress and compliance
  • Save money in value-based care models

Physical Therapists

  • Receive data about patient progress
  • Earn reimbursement on otherwise missed sessions through existing reimbursement models

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